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Your VW Diesel can get 50+ MPGs

Watkins Glen Green Grand Prix April 7 Entering a 2006 VW Jetta TDI

The Green Grand Prix is coming up next week.  I am entering my 2006 VW Jetta TDI with 1.9 L engine. It has several Vapster-Diesel Products including an RV-3300 Dual Catalysts Fuel Saver (vaporizer and Ionizer), a Vicor Chip (By Vapster-Diesel), Sustainable Water Injection (By Vapster-Diesel), and Water Vaporization (By Vapster-Diesel).  Other improvements include low rolling resistant tires, small aerodynamic package, and reduced airflow through grill.

I hope to average over 60 MPG in the race which is pretty good for a non-hybrid vehicle.

I will give you an update after the race.  Vapster-Diesel products rule!!

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

Diesel Fuel Saver Star Product

Third Round Third Party Testing Completed on Reefer Units

Testing by Florida Atlantic University was completed June 22, 2013 on a Thermo King SB310 with our New Generation RV-3300NGC fuel saver system. Published results will appear later.

Reefer Fuel Saver

Thermo King Fuel Saver

Good News for the Refrigerated Carriers out there,  KLLM, Heyl, Swith, Prime, and the thousand others out there.  Reduce your Reefer Fuel Costs by up to 20% using the patented, proven fuel saver catalysts.  Hundreds of these units are in the field saving big money for their owners.  Join the crowd why wait.  The price of diesel is moving its way back up.  Voted #1 best zero maintenance fuel saver in the world by me.  I’ve tired other products on my diesels for the past 10 years and nothing comes close to what these products do.  How can you beat a full money refund if you save money on your fuel expenses as advertised.  The world has never seen anything like this because they haven’t tried it.  I know because people talk and they have no clue.  Their loss!!