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Is VW doing all They can to Resolve their Emissions Problem?

We did a survey to find out if VW was doing enough to resolve their Emission Scandal.  We received a resounding NO.  We have made a couple of stabs trying to put a foot in the door, but getting in front of the right people before their heads roll is another situation entirely.

So if anyone is interested we solved VW’s problem for them.  That is up to them if they are willing to listen.

This how the story unfolds.  We took a 2006 VW Jetta TDI, 5 speed with about 90K miles on it.  We baselined the fuel mileage on the highway with several 200 mile trips.  We came up with an average of 43 mpg going around 70 mph.  All the tests were completed on the interstate running north and south.

Emission Solution

VW’s Emission Solution



After running the baseline we did some tweeking to the car to see what we do for the puppy.  We changed the oil with a synthetic grade, added a free flow air filter, made sure the tires were properly inflated and added a Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 Diesel Fuel Saver under the hood.

We drove the car around a bit to break in the oil and the air filter. Then I hit the road to complete a road trip to see what kind of improvement I could get with the fuel mileage.  After completing a 200 mile road trip as I always do I filled up the tank at the same pump as I started the trip.  The fuel mileage I got on this little Jetta was astonishing,  56.6 mpg.  Almost unbelievable, right? Wrong!  I was driving 70 mph the whole time.  If I drove 45 mph like the OEM’s do when they test the new cars for mpg I would easily achieve into the mid 60’s.

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

Would like to Note that Truck Driver’s  with Freightliners should be delighted that we are introducing our New SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver “Dual Cats” to the market.  This will be our next featured article on OUR Fuel Saver Blog.


Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver

Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver