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Reefer Owners are Getting a Raise

Fuel Saver on Thermo King

We have seen great fuel savings with our installs on Thermo King refrigerated trailers.  Our customers report savings in the 20-25% range with high speed setting on freezer units such as the SB310 model.  One customer reported 87 hours of reefer usuage and only 37 gallons of reefer fuel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much money this owner is saving.

We can provide names and phone numbers of customers who like our products.

With one reefer running 500 hours which is typical for one months service we can save the owner $500.  This translates into $6,000 per year in fuel costs.  If the owner has 50 refrigerated trailers that translates into $300,000 savings in fuel costs for the year.

I am hearing more from overseas customers than domestic customers.  I guess the price of diesel isn’t $10.00 a gallon like it is in other parts of the world.