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Reefer Fuel Savers

reefer2032014Reefer Fuel Savers by VAPSTER DIESEL

VAPSTER DIESEL fuel savers for reefers are designed for companies that use refrigerated trailers in their daily carrier operations.

Our scientifically proven technology helps diesel fuel burn more completely by using two types of catalysts. This technology allows diesel engines to consume less while doing the same amount of work.  This technology was developed and tested at FAU in Boca Raton, Florida.   Our units have been in the field for over four years.   Fleets in California and Florida use Vapster Diesel products to save reefer fuel.

VAPSTER Diesel Fuel Savers work with both Carrier and Thermo King Reefers to improve fuel efficiency and save you money.  Additionally, emissions are reduced, creating lower pollution rates, which is good for the environment.  Our fuel conditioners are under review by the EPA and are awaiting approval.

OUR GUARANTEE:    We will come to your location, install and let you use the VAPSTER Diesel Fuel Saver for 90 days with no obligation. If you don’t derive any savings during that time, we will come and remove the equipment at no cost.

The Numbers:

It has been documented that the Thermo King Reefer units use about 1+ gallon of fuel per hour depending on ambient temperature and thermostat settings.

Customers who use Reefer Fuel Saving Devices by VAPSTER Diesel save about .25 gallon of fuel per hour.  Which equates to about $.65 per hour.  If like most, you run your reefer 24/7, adds up quickly. In 670 hours (1 month) you have saved $440 per Reefer Trailer or $5,280 per Annum.Save Money on Fuel

Attention Fleet Managers!!!!!

VAPSTER DIESEL Fuel Savers for Reefers save $$$$$… If you have

10 trailers your fuel savings could be $52,800 per year. 

50 trailers your fuel savings could be $264,000 per year.

100 trailers your fuel savings could be $528,000 per year.

VAPSTER-DIESEL Sustainable Onboard Fuel Treatment Systems…Good for the planet, GREAT for your pocket!

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