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Impressive Fuel Mileage Gains with Vapster-Diesel Products on 14L Freightliner Big Rig

The results are in from a year long study on a 2007 Freightliner Columbia with Detroit Diesel 14L Engine. The study truck traveled cross country north to south and east to west.  Fuel mileage was tracked using a fuel mileage software offered by Lets Truck.  This software is one of the standards for the Trucking Industry.  Averages of the fuel mileage before installation of the Vapster-Diesel SDL-8800M Fuel Conditioning System were documented.  The average of 8 fillups prior to the installation were tracked, recorded, and calculated to be 6.55 MPG

Baseline Fuel Mileage on 2007 Freightliner Average 6.55 MPG

Baseline Fuel Mileage on 2007 Freightliner with 14 L Detroit Diesel Engine

Fuel Mileage with Vapster-Diesel SDL-8800M on 2007 Detroit Diesel Averaging 7.69 MPG

Fuel mileage results for the last months of the study showed the 2007 Freightliner increased fuel mileage 15% + over the baseline.  The average for the 2007 Freightliner showed a remarkable average increase to 7.69 MPG.  The fuel mileage was tracked for the entire year using a reputable fuel mileage software “Gauges” offered by Lets Truck.


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