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Hitting the Trenches Finding the Uneducated

I wanted to vent a little about what I found in a recent trip to Miami.  Some might say keep your findings to yourself but I had to put this in my blog. I recently visited Miami to take new sales orders from existing customers.  On my trip I ventured out to seek new customers because there is so much overwhelming business to be had.  I visited two large reefer carrier companies both with over 200 reefer trailers with Thermo King reefers.  I will not mention their names but they have been in business for years.  I spoke to the transportation manager at both companies.  You would think they would be open to help save their company a lot of money.   Our products save 20-25% on reefer fuel costs.  One transportation manager flatly said no.  The other manager kept making up lame excuses.  I was willing to install several of my products on their reefers just to try out for 60 days, no obligation, on my dime.  They chose not to do so.  How the uneducated rise to the level of transportation manager I don’t know?  These individuals because of their uneducated mind set cost their companies the ability to save $1,200,000 on reefer fuel costs annually.