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Product Testimonials

Mileage preface:  The Vapster-Diesel RV-4400 was installed on a 2005 Dodge 2500, 5.9L Cummins, 4×4, 90k miles, has an aftermarket mild HP/Torque tune, and 35” tires.

With the above setup,
My baseline mileage:  was ~15 city, 18 hwy
My new mileage after 7k miles:  is ~17 city, 20-23 hwy (right foot dependent!)

Overall, I am very pleased with any product that stands behind its claim and is proven in actual application.   GE Engineer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Model Maximo-Diesel RV-4400

Mileage preface:  Installed a Vapster-Diesel RV-4400 on a 2005 Diesel Jeep Cherokee         4 X 4.   I average 30-35 mpg on Highway and 28-30 mpg  average.  I recommend these products to everyone who will lsiten.  Most people don’t believe me when I tell them these numbers from a 4,100 lb vehicle.  Sad that people don’t listen.  Their loss.

– Brian Combley, Selah, Washington

– GE Engineer, Las Vegas, Nevada

RV-3300 Diesel Fuel Saver

Fuel Saver On Yanmar


Thermo-King on Reefer Trailer


I  have installed the Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 Dual Cats on my Thermo-King, Yanmar 2.1L.  engines.  We run about 350 hours a month on the trailers.  I am saving over $150 a month on my reefer fuel for each installation.  Our reefer trailers run from Miami to New York.  We are pleased with the savings and recommend the product to other refrigerated transport companies.

Ismael H., owner MCI Express, Miami, FL.

Refrigerated Trailer

RV-3300 Diesel Fuel Saver

RV-3300 Diesel Fuel Saver

Cool Carriers, Pompano Beach, FL.

John M., owner Cool Carriers, Pompano Beach, FL.  I have been running the Vapster-Diesel Fuel Savers on three of my trailers for the past three years. These are installed on the Thermo-King Reefer Units w/Yanmar 2.1 L. engines.  We save about $400 on reefer fuel a month per reefer trailer.  We never have had any maintenance issues.  We probably have saved over $40K on fuel through the years.  For anyone that runs reefers this product is a no brainer.

I own a 2001 Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. My truck has 2 x 150 gallon saddle tanks. I usually pay around $1,100 to fill up. I carry around 70,000 lbs. Now, with the Maximo-Diesel RV-8800 I am saving around 14% on my fuel costs. That is about $160 every time I fill up.

– Jorge P., Miami, FL

I own a landscape company and I travel a lot giving estimates and checking up on my employees. I heard about VapsterDiesel and their Maximo-Diesel fuel savers. I decided to have them install a unit on my 2007 Sierra Duramax 6.6L. I provided them with documented baseline information which I kept track of anyway. My highway mileage with all-terrain tires was about 16.8 mpg. After the install the truck was more responsive and my mileage on the highway increased to around 20.5 mpg. I am already getting more miles to the tank-full and making my money back using less fuel. Where else do you get free fuel?

– Larry G. , Ft. Pierce, FL

I own a 2000 Ford F-250 with 7.3L engine. My fuel mileage was averaging 13.2 mpg driving around town and pulling my trailer. I use my truck for work and I needed to save money on diesel fuel. I heard about Best Diesel Solutions/Vapster, INC. and their Maximo-Diesel fuel savers at a “The Green Expo” in West Palm Beach. I decided to have them install a unit on my Ford Pickup. I provided them with a documented baseline. My fuel mileage has improved 12.1%. The savings on diesel fuel at $4.00 per gallon will allow me to have my ROI within six months.

– Dennis Z. , Deerfield Beach, FL

I own a 2000 Century Class Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60. I normally carry about 44,000 lbs. My normal baseline is about 6.3-6.5 miles per gallons. I have 2 x 100 gallon tanks. I usually travel about 1,130 miles on a fillup. Thanks to the Maximo Diesel RV-6600 I am getting in the mid 7’s for fuel mileage and I travel 1,330 miles between fillups. That’s a whopping 15% increase. I usually travel 100,000 miles a year and burn about 15,500 gallons of diesel or about $60,000 of fuel. Now I am saving about $9,000 per year on fuel. 

Saving 15% of $60,000 is around $9,000. That’s a chunk of change I get to keep in my pocket. Now, I tell all my trucker friends. This is an excellent product.

– Sergio D. , Lake Worth, FL

I own a 2002 Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60, 12.1 L engine. I carry moving supplies about 20,000 lbs. My normal baseline is about 7.5 miles per gallons. I travel up and down the east coast. Thanks to the Maximo Diesel RV-6600 I am getting an 8% increase in fuel mileage or in the mid 8’s.

I usually spend around $700 a week in fuel. I should have my return on investment (ROI) returned to me by November. Good product, good savings. I like their motto “Our products pay you”. More truckers need to find out about this product!

– Matt Patterson, Manitowoc, WI

I own a 2001 Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. I carry produce throughout the state of Florida. My truck use to get about 6.3 miles per gallons. Now, with the Maximo Diesel RV-6600 I am getting an 7.3 miles per gallon.

I usually spend around $1200 a week in fuel. I should have my return on investment (ROI) returned to me in three months. I tell all my trucking buddies about this product!

– M. Rodriguez, Miami, FL

“The level of service at Vapster, Inc. is fantastic. Having been a customer for over 3 years, I am consistently impressed by the amount of work, testing, and demonstration that goes into bringing new products to the market. YOU guys rock. Thanks for helping me save a ton of money on fuel for the past 3 years. Thank you for the free fuel!”

– Felix O., Orlando, Florida

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Vapster, Inc. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – I have my own business a restaurant in town. If you don’t treat people right that won’t come back. I use my 2006 Chevy Duramax to make fish and food hauls from time to time. I am truly impressed by the fuel mileage increase. I use to get about 18-19 miles to the gallon. Now with RV-4400 Maximo-Diesel unit I get 22-23 miles to the gallon. I tell all my friends with diesel pickups about the product. Keep up the good work!”

– Jim L., Vidalia, Georgia

“I was so pleased with the product’s performance. I recomened the products to three of my friends with diesel pickups.  With the price of diesel fuel this is a ‘no-brainer’ and I have customers coming from miles around.”

– James Brinson, Vidalia, Georgia

“My business is delivery and I spend a lot of money on diesel fuel over $800 a month. My 2003 Freightliner has a six cylinder Cummins engine and I was averaging 6.7 miles to the gallon with a lot of stop and go driving. I was sceptical at first to put the Maximo-Diesel unit on my truck. But with the money back guarantee if I didn’t get better fuel mileage, it was worth trying. I am glad I did. I save over $110 each month on fuel. I am glad someone has our interests at heart instead of the money hungry oil companies.”

Andy M., Hartford, Connecticut

I own a 1998 Dodge with a Cummins engine. I was running about 18.2 mpg highway mileage stock with minimal modifications . I tried Vapster’s RV-3300 unit to see if I could save money on fuel. I myself am an automotive mechanic. I installed the unit myself and insulated the fuel lines for more effect. My mileage jumped up to 23.3 mpg. I was so impressed I am telling my friends that own diesel trucks and vehicles.

– Oz Cheek., Carson City, Nevada

I make my living driving a big rig, 2004 Volvo. I deliver wholesale planted materials from HOMESTEAD, FL to Jacksonville, FL. The price of diesel fuel is almost putting me out of business. I had to do something so I took a chance with this new product Maximo-Diesel RV-6600 for big trucks. I keep good fuel logs and my average for my driving was 5.6 mpg. I drive a heavy load. I had the install completed on my DETROIT SERIES 60. I saw the mileage increase with the first fill-up. I could not have chosen a better time with the price of diesel fuel around $4.00 per gallon. I am now averaging 6.8 mpg which helps out everyday I drive.

– Stan W. , Orlando, FL

“I had Vapster-Diesel, install a Maximo-Diesel RV-4400 on my 1993 Ford F-350 with 7.3 liter -engine. My baseline was just at 14.7 mpg on the highway with this 7,500 pound monster. After the install my highway mileage went up between 17.8 and 18.1 mpg. The truck runs great and I look forward to making my investment back in the near future. I recommend this product to anyone with a diesel truck.  Hope you sell a ton of them!”

– Stacie F., West Palm Beach, Florida