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Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Saving Devices


Q.How does the VAPSTER-DIESEL Fuel Saver work?

A: The ”VAPSTER-DIESEL” fuel management system is a sustainable onboard fuel treatment system that pre-treats the diesel fuel using a proprietary technology before the fuel enters the combustion chambers of the engine.  We use a patented process that includes Two Catalysts.  One Catalyst is Heat at a Specific Temperature Range.  The Second Catalyst is a combination of different solid metal types layered that form an ion producing catalyst.  These Two Types of Catalysts in combination result in superior combustion of the fuel through increased surface area, superior atomization of the fuel (less surface tension), higher oxygenation of the fuel, lowering emissions including NOx, greater fuel economy, lower carbon build-up on engines parts, lower exhaust temperatures, and less wear and tear on engine parts due to less heat and friction.  This technology and subsequent product line was developed, tested, and proven with the help of Florida Atlantic University’s combustion laboratory in Boca Raton, Florida.


Q. Why should I buy your VAPSTER-DIESEL Fuel Savers?

A: Our products save you money on your bottom line.  It is like buying fuel at a discount.  The money you save pays for the product and continues to put money back in your pocket.  The more you use your diesel equipment the more you save.  The ROI (return of your investment) for Commercial operations is usually 5-9 months.  From that point in time you continue to receive a Return on Your Investment.  Better than having money in the bank.  Our products are superior to other products that claim to improve fuel mileage.  We use a patented technology that is more advanced than other technologies on the market.  We use quality materials and quality craftsmanship in the manufacture of our products.

Our Reefer Carrier Customers report savings in the range of 14-20% and some cases higher.  The ROI is usually 4-7 months.  In 500 hours of running a reefer on high speed settings usually saves about $.75 per hour (With fuel priced at $4.00 per gallon).  In 400 hours you can be saving about $300.  In a year’s time with 10 reefers you can save $36,000 or more.


Q.  How long do VAPSTER-DIESEL Fuel Saver products last?

A: Our RV (Reactor Vessel) Pr0duct Line fuel savers are made from quality stainless steel using quality craftsmanship.  Our products are built to last many years and are manufactured in the U.S.A.  The metal catalysts in our product line does not wear out and never has to be replaced.  Our product lasts longer than your vehicle and requires no maintenance.  We offer a four year warranty on product defects.


Q. Will your product Negatively affect my diesel engine?

A:  No.  Engines that can be made to run cleaner and cooler last longer.  The engine oil will stay cleaner longer because of less carbon deposits.  Engines tested show a 100 degrees F.  and higher drop in exhaust gas temperatures.  An engine making less heat has less wear and tear due to friction damage and will last longer.  Lower exhaust temperatures are attributable to more complete combustion inside the cylinders versus fuel burning outside the engine in the exhaust stream.  Lower combustion temperatures is attributable to lower NOx emissions.


Q.What kind of mileage increase can I expect from your VAPSTER-DIESEL fuel saving devices?

A:  Our customers and our own field demonstrations report a range of fuel mileage increases.  Fuel mileage results vary from many different variables including driving habits, vehicle maintenance, road conditions, weather conditions, wind speed and direction, tire type and maintenance, traffic conditions, type of driving (city or highway), etc.  Most of our mileage demonstrations are completed under conditions which are consistently similar.  Our customers and our demonstrations conclude fuel mileage increases in the range of 8-18% over established baseline.  Fuel mileage increases vary from type of vehicle, load on vehicle, total weight, topography, weather, and driving habits.

Refrigerated trailers using Thermo King Reefers usually burn .9-1.0 gallons of diesel fuel per hour.  This burn rate depends on various factors including thermostat setting, ambient air temperature, less than full loads, high speed low speed settings, etc.  Our customers report fuel savings of 14-24% when compared to their baseline.


Q.  I have 2007 Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine.  What kind of fuel mileage increase can I expect from your product?

A:  We have many customers that use our products on Freightliners.  We have data from our customers that suggest that the Detroit Diesels Series 60 in the Freightliners pulling full loads get from 5.7 to 6.5 miles per gallon.  These trucks get more miles per the gallon when they are pulling lighter loads.  Detroit Diesel Customers using our fuel saver products tell us they get anywhere from .5 mile to 1.2 miles more to the gallon.


Q.  I have a Ford F-350 with a 7.3L engine, what kind of fuel mileage increase can I expect from your product?

A:  Customers with similar vehicles as yours report fuel mileage gains from 1.5 to 2.5 more miles to a gallon of fuel when using VAPSTER-Diesel Fuel Savers.


Q.  I have a 2006 GMC Duramax 6.6L pickup what kind of fuel mileage increase can I expect from your product?

A: Customers with similar vehicles report fuel mileage gains from 2.0 to 5.0 more miles to a gallon of fuel.  Fuel mileage gains are less in city driving. We have Third Party Testing completed on a 2007 Chevy Duramax 6.6 L with 2 wheel drive.  The average increase in fuel mileage was 18.2%.


Q.  How easy is your product to install?

A: We recommend a diesel mechanic to install the unit.  We have certified installers available in the Southeast Florida area.  The purchase price of the unit includes brackets and fittings.  The installation usually takes about 3-4 hours to complete.  We have technicians available if you should have any issues concerning the installation process.


Q.  What kind of Warranty comes with your Maximo-Diesel Product?

A: We extend a two year warranty against any defects in the materials and assembly of the products.


Q. I have a 25KW Marine Generator Set on my boat. Can your product be used on my gen. set and what kind of savings can I expect?

A:  Yes our RV-3300 product can be used on your 25KW Generator Set.  Our system was recently used on a similar gen-set at the Wyotech School for Marine Diesel Studies.  The results were verified by this third party source to be 13.5% savings.