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If you own a Detroit Diesel 14L Don’t Read this Blog

Yes, we just finished running a year long analysis with a Vapster-Diesel SDL-8800M on a Columbia Freightliner with a 14L Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine.  We don’t want any owners embarrassed because they could have saved 15% on their fuel bill.  This is why if you own a 2001-2009 Detroit Diesel 14L in a Freightliner or other Cab we don’t want to read to post.

This is the baseline on a 2007 Freightliner Columbia 14L Detroit Diesel from April 2016 before the Vapster-Diesel SDL8800M Fuel Conditioning System was added.  We are showing two pictures of the data collected so you can choose which is easier to read.

Baseline for 14L Detroit Diesel

Second Picture Showing Chart of Baseline MPG’s One Year Ago

The average MPG”S for the baseline one year ago was 6.568 say 6.6 MPGs for this 2007 Freightliner Columbia.  Normal hauling weight 70-80K lbs.  The baseline for this truck was recalculated six months later and showed around 6.8 MPG’s




The next pictures show the results of the MPG’s at the end of the study with the Vapster-Diesel SDL8800M on the same vehicle.  The Vapster-Diesel is a patented onboard sustainable Fuel Conditioning System.

Vapster-Diesel Results on the same Detroit Diesel 14L


Vapster-Diesel MPG’s on the same Detroit Diesel






The Fuel Mileage Results for the Detroit Diesel

with the Vapster-Diesel Fuel conditioning system at the end of the testing cycle averaged 7.69 MPG.

The difference between the baseline and the new Fuel Mileage with the Vapster-Diesel SDL8800M is 17% improvement.  So if you spent say $45,000 on your fuel for the year you could have saved $7,650 with the Vapster-Diesel Fuel Conditioning System.   If you are interested in sticking some fuel money in your pocket contact us.   For trucks running in Florida make an appointment to have a unit installed!!!!


Vapster-Diesel Scores a Win at Watkins Glen Raceway

On April 7, 2017 at the Watkins Glen International Raceway the race participants were entered into the 2017 Toyota Green Grand Prix.  It was snowing but that did not deter the enthusiasm for the race participants.  There were all kinds of entrys from pure electric cars, hybrids, pure gasoline, modified diesels, SUVs, and stock.   The goal of the 2 hour race was to run the event on the least amount of fuel as possible.  All of the vehicles were equipted with transponders to measure distance and speed.  At the end of the day the winners were announced in each of the divisions.   Gerald Rowley, the founder of Diesel Fuel Savers, LLC was announced the winner of his division,  Modified 4 cylinder Diesel.  Mr. Rowley drove a 2006 VW Jetta TDI equipted with a Vapster-Diesel RV3300 Fuel Conditioning unit (Vaporizer and Ionizer) and a vaporized water injection system.   Because of the freezing conditions Mr. Rowley did not set a new record with his vehicle but did achieve a Top Win in his Division


Win at Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen Green Grand Prix April 7 Entering a 2006 VW Jetta TDI

The Green Grand Prix is coming up next week.  I am entering my 2006 VW Jetta TDI with 1.9 L engine. It has several Vapster-Diesel Products including an RV-3300 Dual Catalysts Fuel Saver (vaporizer and Ionizer), a Vicor Chip (By Vapster-Diesel), Sustainable Water Injection (By Vapster-Diesel), and Water Vaporization (By Vapster-Diesel).  Other improvements include low rolling resistant tires, small aerodynamic package, and reduced airflow through grill.

I hope to average over 60 MPG in the race which is pretty good for a non-hybrid vehicle.

I will give you an update after the race.  Vapster-Diesel products rule!!

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

Diesel Fuel Saver Star Product

Limited Offer for 2004-2006 VW Jetta TDI’s

Offering the RV-3300VW Sustainable Fuel Catalyst to owners of VW’s.  Hey you don’t qualify for VW’s compensation package but you can still improve your fuel mileage and reduce emissions.  We are offering local owners a RV-3300VW package for your Jetta TDI with free install for $799.00 until the end of June 2016.  If you own one and think you may qualify give us a call and see how we can improve your mileage.  If you don’t get 50 mpg’s on the highway you should give us a call.

RV-3300 installed on 2006 VW Jetta TDI

RV-3300 installed on 2006 VW Jetta TDI

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel





Just got back from driving 2000 miles.  I wanted to check my fuel mileage.  The Jetta has a stock setup, no aftermarket intake or exhaust or muffler.   I drove 535 miles with the Vapster-Diesel RV-3300.  I got 52 mpg.  A customer said he was getting good mileage with a module.  So I purchased a module and hooked it up on the second leg of the journey.  After driving 540 miles I checked the fuel mileage with both the Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 and the module (tuned to the middle point).  The fuel mileage was just under 54 mpg.  I ran into some headwind from Matthew.  If I didn’t encounter the headwind I probably would had over 54 mpg.

Next leg of the journey I disconnected the Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 to see what the module would do by itself.  I was driving the same stretch of road and the same speed limit.  After 530 miles I filled up to calculate the mileage.  Guess what the fuel mileage was only 45 mpg.  The Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 beat the module hands down.  The module gives some extra horsepower but the Vapster-Diesel is the king when it comes to fuel economy.

Next I am going to try tweaking the intake filter for more air and a free-flow exhaust muffler.  My goal is to achieve 60 mpg with this VW Jetta.

Freightliner Owners Earn EXTRA Money as you Drive

We are looking for owner/operators with Freightliners who would like to earn EXTRA money as they drive.  Correct we are looking for Drivers to make extra money in the S.E. Florida area.  If you can keep accurate fuel logs for 90 Days we will pay you $700.  That’s correct drive and earn extra pay.  We are looking for a select few who can operate their truck and keep accurate fuel logs.  The applicant must meet the minimum requirements: have a well maintained Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine, live in the S.E. Florida area, and be able to collect and record accurate Fuel Mileage logs.  If you qualify you will be allowed to use our equipment for 90 days.  Most of our customers save and pocket around $700 in fuel savings.  If you would like to find out more details call 954-296-2559.

Fuel Saver Decal for the SDL-8800

Fuel Saver Decal for the SDL-8800

SaddleDetroitDiesel - Copy

Freightliner Has a New Friend in Town, Meet SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel Latest “Dual Cats”

For all those Freightliner Fans out there your “Good Buddy” just came to town.  If you drive a Freightliner or your boss has you drive one with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 you are in luck.  Diesel Fuel Savers, LLC is adding a new product to the Vapster-Diesel Line of Diesel Fuel Savers.  It is the SDL-8800 “Dual Cats” fuel saver for the 14L Detroit Diesel Series 60.  You might not be aware but Vapster-Diesel product line is for all types of diesel engines.  Most people don’t know that a diesel engine can be made more efficient by changing certain parameters in the combustion process.  These parameters include adding Oxygen (oxidizer), Hydrogen (Fuel), cracking (Breaking down large chain molecules to small change molecules.  This is what Vapster-Diesel products do, they increase the efficiency of the combustion process better than any Zero-Maintenance Product out on the market.  They use a Dual Cat P.C.E.R.T. technology developed at the combustion laboratory at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.   P.C.E.R.T. Technology stands for Pre-Combustion Emission Reducing Technology.

But the heck with all that Scientific Crap right.  You just want to know if the products work?  With hundreds of units in the field with happy customers You can say something must be working.  In addition to that if you are not 100% completely satisfied with not enough results over your baseline you get a 100% refund of your money.  Heck, I don’t have any competitors that will stand behind that promise.  That’s our difference, Others Promise We Deliver!!

So you are the lucky ones.  We are offering the first 100 customers a Free Installation Package worth $200. Just call let us know your availability and we will be pleased to set an appointment for an installation.  The install takes just over an hour and you are on your way.  We have a mobile truck that will come to your truck yard and complete the install.

Customers using the New Units are vouching savings in the 13-15% range.  Results will vary depending on load and driver habits.  But this is nothing to sneeze at.

New SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel "Dual Fuel Cats" for Freightliners

New SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel “Dual Fuel Cats” for Freightliners

SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel Dual Cats installed on a 14.0l Series 60

SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel Dual Cats installed on a 14.0l Series 60

Fuel Saver Decal for the SDL-8800

Fuel Saver Decal for the SDL-8800

Is VW doing all They can to Resolve their Emissions Problem?

We did a survey to find out if VW was doing enough to resolve their Emission Scandal.  We received a resounding NO.  We have made a couple of stabs trying to put a foot in the door, but getting in front of the right people before their heads roll is another situation entirely.

So if anyone is interested we solved VW’s problem for them.  That is up to them if they are willing to listen.

This how the story unfolds.  We took a 2006 VW Jetta TDI, 5 speed with about 90K miles on it.  We baselined the fuel mileage on the highway with several 200 mile trips.  We came up with an average of 43 mpg going around 70 mph.  All the tests were completed on the interstate running north and south.

Emission Solution

VW’s Emission Solution



After running the baseline we did some tweeking to the car to see what we do for the puppy.  We changed the oil with a synthetic grade, added a free flow air filter, made sure the tires were properly inflated and added a Vapster-Diesel RV-3300 Diesel Fuel Saver under the hood.

We drove the car around a bit to break in the oil and the air filter. Then I hit the road to complete a road trip to see what kind of improvement I could get with the fuel mileage.  After completing a 200 mile road trip as I always do I filled up the tank at the same pump as I started the trip.  The fuel mileage I got on this little Jetta was astonishing,  56.6 mpg.  Almost unbelievable, right? Wrong!  I was driving 70 mph the whole time.  If I drove 45 mph like the OEM’s do when they test the new cars for mpg I would easily achieve into the mid 60’s.

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

U.S. Record set for Non-Hybrid and Non-Hypermiling Diesel

Would like to Note that Truck Driver’s  with Freightliners should be delighted that we are introducing our New SDL-8800 Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver “Dual Cats” to the market.  This will be our next featured article on OUR Fuel Saver Blog.


Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver

Vapster-Diesel Fuel Saver

Fuel Savings for your Reefer

Reefer Fuel Saver

Thermo King Fuel Saver

This is an RV-3300 Maximo Diesel Fuel Saver on a Thermo King SB310

This Thermo King SB310 is on a 53′ refrigerated trailer.  The owner brought this truck back off the road from a road trip delivering produce.  The recorded hours on the reefer were 87 hours.  The fuel used was 37 gallons.  This calculates to be .425 gallons used be hour.  I believe this is less than what most reefers use.

This customer was shipping ice cream.   So if you are a refrigerated carrier and you ship frozen foods, meat, fish, or other climated controlled items and would like to save on the bottom line let us know.


Reefer Owners are Getting a Raise

Fuel Saver on Thermo King

We have seen great fuel savings with our installs on Thermo King refrigerated trailers.  Our customers report savings in the 20-25% range with high speed setting on freezer units such as the SB310 model.  One customer reported 87 hours of reefer usuage and only 37 gallons of reefer fuel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much money this owner is saving.

We can provide names and phone numbers of customers who like our products.

With one reefer running 500 hours which is typical for one months service we can save the owner $500.  This translates into $6,000 per year in fuel costs.  If the owner has 50 refrigerated trailers that translates into $300,000 savings in fuel costs for the year.

I am hearing more from overseas customers than domestic customers.  I guess the price of diesel isn’t $10.00 a gallon like it is in other parts of the world. 


Hitting the Trenches Finding the Uneducated

I wanted to vent a little about what I found in a recent trip to Miami.  Some might say keep your findings to yourself but I had to put this in my blog. I recently visited Miami to take new sales orders from existing customers.  On my trip I ventured out to seek new customers because there is so much overwhelming business to be had.  I visited two large reefer carrier companies both with over 200 reefer trailers with Thermo King reefers.  I will not mention their names but they have been in business for years.  I spoke to the transportation manager at both companies.  You would think they would be open to help save their company a lot of money.   Our products save 20-25% on reefer fuel costs.  One transportation manager flatly said no.  The other manager kept making up lame excuses.  I was willing to install several of my products on their reefers just to try out for 60 days, no obligation, on my dime.  They chose not to do so.  How the uneducated rise to the level of transportation manager I don’t know?  These individuals because of their uneducated mind set cost their companies the ability to save $1,200,000 on reefer fuel costs annually.