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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Fuel Savings for your Reefer

Reefer Fuel Saver

Thermo King Fuel Saver

This is an RV-3300 Maximo Diesel Fuel Saver on a Thermo King SB310

This Thermo King SB310 is on a 53′ refrigerated trailer.  The owner brought this truck back off the road from a road trip delivering produce.  The recorded hours on the reefer were 87 hours.  The fuel used was 37 gallons.  This calculates to be .425 gallons used be hour.  I believe this is less than what most reefers use.

This customer was shipping ice cream.   So if you are a refrigerated carrier and you ship frozen foods, meat, fish, or other climated controlled items and would like to save on the bottom line let us know.


Reefer Owners are Getting a Raise

Fuel Saver on Thermo King

We have seen great fuel savings with our installs on Thermo King refrigerated trailers.  Our customers report savings in the 20-25% range with high speed setting on freezer units such as the SB310 model.  One customer reported 87 hours of reefer usuage and only 37 gallons of reefer fuel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much money this owner is saving.

We can provide names and phone numbers of customers who like our products.

With one reefer running 500 hours which is typical for one months service we can save the owner $500.  This translates into $6,000 per year in fuel costs.  If the owner has 50 refrigerated trailers that translates into $300,000 savings in fuel costs for the year.

I am hearing more from overseas customers than domestic customers.  I guess the price of diesel isn’t $10.00 a gallon like it is in other parts of the world. 


Hitting the Trenches Finding the Uneducated

I wanted to vent a little about what I found in a recent trip to Miami.  Some might say keep your findings to yourself but I had to put this in my blog. I recently visited Miami to take new sales orders from existing customers.  On my trip I ventured out to seek new customers because there is so much overwhelming business to be had.  I visited two large reefer carrier companies both with over 200 reefer trailers with Thermo King reefers.  I will not mention their names but they have been in business for years.  I spoke to the transportation manager at both companies.  You would think they would be open to help save their company a lot of money.   Our products save 20-25% on reefer fuel costs.  One transportation manager flatly said no.  The other manager kept making up lame excuses.  I was willing to install several of my products on their reefers just to try out for 60 days, no obligation, on my dime.  They chose not to do so.  How the uneducated rise to the level of transportation manager I don’t know?  These individuals because of their uneducated mind set cost their companies the ability to save $1,200,000 on reefer fuel costs annually. 

Signage on Reefers?

Recently took a driving trip up to TN. and back. I was taking notes on the refrigerated trailers traveling on the highway. I noticed about two thirds of the reefer trailers had Signage with info on the Reefer Carriers that were hauling the freight. The other 1/3 of tractors and trailers had little or no signage on the tractor or trailer. I was wondering if some one could clue me into what might be the story with this group of reefer? I would think they would want to display some form of advertising?

Helping You Save for the NEW YEAR!

Look forward to helping others in the New Year on Saving Money on Fuel.  If you run Diesel Fuel through any type of equipment give us a call and see how we can help.  Don’t keep looking at your neighbors drive by with a fuel saver on get one for yourself.  Happy New Year!  Santa Called and ordered one for his sleigh.

Off to a Good Start to the New Year, Added another Reefer Fleet

Another Reefer Fleet

Another Reefer Fleet

MCI Express Fleet Shop, Miami, FL

MCI Express Fleet Shop, Miami, FL

New RV-3300 Fuel Saver on Thermo King SB-210

New RV-3300 Fuel Saver on Thermo King SB-210

We started off the year by adding a local Reefer Fleet, MCI Express out of Miami, FL. MCI Express uses our Maximo Diesel RV-6600 fuel savers on their Detroit Diesel tractors. Now they decided to save fuel on their reefers too. Our reefer fuel savers save our customers 20-25% on fuel costs. This adds up to about a $1.00 an hour. This might not sound like much but reefers run 24/7. In 500 hours the fleet owner pockets $500.

Third Round Third Party Testing Completed on Reefer Units

Testing by Florida Atlantic University was completed June 22, 2013 on a Thermo King SB310 with our New Generation RV-3300NGC fuel saver system. Published results will appear later.

Reefer Fuel Saver

Thermo King Fuel Saver

Good News for the Refrigerated Carriers out there,  KLLM, Heyl, Swith, Prime, and the thousand others out there.  Reduce your Reefer Fuel Costs by up to 20% using the patented, proven fuel saver catalysts.  Hundreds of these units are in the field saving big money for their owners.  Join the crowd why wait.  The price of diesel is moving its way back up.  Voted #1 best zero maintenance fuel saver in the world by me.  I’ve tired other products on my diesels for the past 10 years and nothing comes close to what these products do.  How can you beat a full money refund if you save money on your fuel expenses as advertised.  The world has never seen anything like this because they haven’t tried it.  I know because people talk and they have no clue.  Their loss!!