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“Green Diesel Cats”
Dual Catalysts
    GDC - RV3300
      GDC - RV4400
        GDC - RV8800

Diesel Fuel Savers by V.A.P.S.T.E.R

Vaporizing Accessory Producing Superior Tuned Engine Response

“We serve Industry by offering consumers more fuel efficiency resulting in lower energy costs.  Vapster-Diesel products reduce emissions because more fuel is burning in the cylinders instead of the exhaust pipes.”

Problem:  High Diesel Fuel Prices cutting into the bottom line and inefficient Diesel Combustion causing more fuel consumption and emissions than necessary. OEM’s state they are doing their best. They are wrong!

Solution:  Increase the Efficiency of Diesel Combustion.  Increasing this efficiency lowers the operating costs of using diesel fuel and lowers emissions.

How:  Vapster-Diesel provides the Products and Technology necessary to increase this efficiency using its patented “Dual Diesel Fuel Catalysts”.

Our “Green Diesel Cats” (Dual Fuel Catalysts) retrofit a vast majority of diesel engines.  Dual Catalysts apply Heat to the fuel and past the heated fuel over a bed of Semi-Precious Metal Alloys.

The benefits of using VAPSTER-DIESEL Fuel Savers:

  • Green Sustainable product
  • Zero Maintenance
  • 15-20 Year lifespan
  • Decrease Fuel Consumption 10-25% (depending on Application)
  • 4 Year Warranty against product defects
  • ROI is usually 6-9 months depending on time of use
  • Reduces Emissions including NOx
  • Built with safety in mind, units are pretested
  • Keeps engine oil cleaner longer by reducing carbon deposits
  • Simple Installation using existing engine designed components
  • Many companies promise to save fuel, We guarantee to save you fuel or your money back.

VAPSTER Fuel Savers are
guaranteed to reduce your fuel costs

Maximo Diesel Savings Table (PDF – 16 KB)

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Money Back Guarantee, if we don’t save you
8% in fuel costs over your baseline!!



Developed, Tested & Proven by PHD’s and Scientists at Florida Atlantic University’s Combustion Lab

Scientists and mechanics will tell you, “it is the vapor from fuel that burns not the liquid.”  That means that before you get any power from your engine, it must first heat the fuel to the point where it turns into vapor, then it can be ignited, basically creating more work for your engine. Vapster-Diesel manufactures “Green Diesel Fuel Catalysts” which use TWO different catalysts acting on the fuel to maximize the combustion process. These “Green Cats” are designed specifically for diesel engines only.  Our patented devices are designed to vaporize and ionize the fuel before injecting it into the engine of your truck, reefer, generator, or heavy equipment.  This helps get the most performance from your diesel engine improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

VAPSTER-DIESEL Fuel Saver Products can be used in the following equipment…




  • Thermo King Yanmar
  • Carrier

TRUCKS and CARS: (Pick-up & Delivery)

  • GMC Duramax
  • Chevrolet Duramax
  • Ford
  • Dodge Cummins
  • Isuzu
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Diesel Hummers
  • Diesel Jeeps and Toyotas
  • VW Jetta TDI and Golf up to 2009
  • Detroit Diesel Series 60 Powerplants


  • Construction Equipment Caterpillar
  • Power Generation Perkins, John Deere, Caterpillar
  • Maritime, Yanmar, Caterpillar,
  • Off-Road
  • Locomotives
  • Cell Phone Tower Generators


GOOD for the planet, GREAT for your pocket!

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